Patented Car and Rail System

car and rail 1

car and rail 2

Advantage Industries has developed a "car" capable of following 2D and 3D paths with multiple size radii and multidirectional bends*. This allows us to create a special rail for our car that is CNC cut to follow the contour and shape of your part.

Our patented car was designed with two main body sections containing rollers that guide the car along the rail's profile. As our car transitions around curves, the two main body sections can stretch and/or retract to compensate for any variations in the rail's profile. This key feature allows our car to out-perform any standard carriage and rail guide system on the market.

The primary use of Advantage Industries' patented car/rail system is to collect variable data. The above pictures show our standard 3D model checking the edge and contour of a car window. The car is capable of checking the entire periphery of the part and any specified points using detent stop locations that are machined into the rail.

This setup provides an excellent alternative to the typical check fixture, which can only check specified points and must rely on CMM inspection to check all points in-between.

car and rail 1

car and rail 4

We have also developed special cars and rails, like the 2D model in the above pictures, to better meet the needs of our customers. This model was developed to check the top surface and profile of a car bumper along multiple size radii and multidirectional bends*.

*Due to the size of construction materials, the car is unable to travel along certain size radii. Please consult with one of our engineers if you have any questions or concerns.

Sample Fixtures and Machines that Utilize the Patented Car and Rail System:

Aluminum/Steel Variable Check Fixture

Aluminum/Steel Variable Check Fixture

Patented Car/Rail System used to Collect Variable Data

Supplied with A Custom Built Cart

Automated Molding Applicator Machine

Automated Molding Applicator Machine

Applies Molding to Rear Window

Patented Car/Rail System Used to Apply Molding

Supplied with A Custom Built Cart

Parpus Famu

Hand Held Go No/Go Pin

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