Our Products and Services

For more than twenty years Advantage has created high quality products
with honest and reliable service. The following are some of the products we build:

  • CMM Holding Fixtures - A repeatable way of holding parts while checked by a coordinate measurement machine.
  • Attribute Gauges and Fixtures - A cost effective way of checking parts to see if they meet their specified requirements - provides a simple pass or fail answer. (Click HERE to view sample Attribute Gauges)
  • Variable Gauges and Fixtures - This type of gauge measures and collects data, providing actual measurements without the use of a coordinate measurement machine. Variable gauges can also be used in combination with attribute gauges. (Click HERE to view sample Variable Gauges)
  • Automated Gauges and Fixtures - Automated gauges provide the most accurate and reliable means of part checking while improving repeatability, decreasing time spent checking parts and reducing operator errors. (Click HERE to view sample Automated Gauges)
  • Function and/or Climate Test Fixtures - This type of fixture will test parts for potential problems or failures. We build machines that test the part and its components by using it continuously. We also build machines that will test a part's function while exposed to various climate conditions.
  • Manual Assembly Fixtures - Custom fixtures used to provide an accurate and reliable method for assembling parts. Commonly used to eliminate mistakes made during the assembly process and to verify that any requirements in the build process have been met.
  • Automated Machines - Automated machines are a reliable way of assembling parts. They can also improve the quality of your product, eliminate mistakes made during the assembly process and reduce time spent during assembly. (Click HERE to view sample Automated Machines)
  • Patented Car and Rail System - a "car" capable of following 2D and 3D paths with multiple size radii and multidirectional bends (Click HERE to learn more about the Patented Car and Rail System)
  • Specialty Tooling - Production tooling developed and built using historical data and our proprietary FEA software.
  • Custom Structural Bases - Welded, machined and painted structural bases with or without hi-lo fork access.
  • Gage R & R and Gage R Studies - Studies measure the repeatability and reproducibility of a gauge or fixture. (A.I.A.G. long method)
  • CMM Certification and Third Party CMM Certification - Fixture certification by a coordinate measurement machine proves that a gauge or fixture is dimensionally accurate.

Additional Products & Services:

Prototypes, Models, Casts, Templates, Digitizing, CAD/CAM, CMM Inspection,
Finite Element Analysis, Engineering changes and Repairs to existing Fixtures

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